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Share your personal stories about hair 

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Next to designing the pieces of jewellery, I‘m collecting “HAIR STORIES”: memories linked to your hair, to the way you dress your hair, reactions you got on your hair or heard about other people’s hair, what your hair eventually symbolizes for you, what is socially and/or culturally acceptable when it comes down to hair where you live (things you can do or not do, because of your hair), eventual traditions or beliefs about hair, any other stories about hair or loss of hair …

You can send me your stories through the contact form here below (scroll down to the bottom of this page) :  a few lines, including your first name (or just an initial), your gender, your age (or age range), the country you live in, and the way in which publishing your story during an exhibition (as well as online) would feel comfortable to you.

What will become of your stories? They will be printed and displayed with the pieces of jewellery, and a public access will be given to this blog whenever this project is on exhibition. You can already read some stories here in english and some more here in french.

Share any information about hair

If you have any information, references, or other documents about hair, you can send them by e-mail through the contact form here below.