Hair History from Mazola

I’m an African male living in Kingston. I’m wearing dreadlocks and I’m always surprised that people, here in Jamaica, relate them to the rasta religion and culture only, whereas so many different people in for example Africa wear them.
When focusing on Kenya only, in the Giriama culture (tribe from the Kenyan coast), the widow wears locks. 
In the sect of Legio Maria, a dissident sect from the Catholic Church, which initiated among the Luo tribe (the tribe of origin of Obama’s father), the men are wearing locks.
The Akorino people (a religious group) are wearing dreadlocks under a turban, like the Bobo Rasta. 
The Wadawida (Taita) (living at the border of Tanzania), to whom I belong, wore locks for beauty.
The Turkana people (North of Kenya) wear locks in a Mohawk style.
There are the Mau Mau as well, Kenyan freedom fighters,  who  wore dreadlocks fighting the British. 
But not the Masai (who are better known), who wear extensions.
And in Senegal, the Baye Fall (an Islamic sect) wear locks as well. 

Mazola, Male, 52, Kenya-Jamaica
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