Tag System

Each post receives multiple tags (whenever applicable), organised along 4 different sections:

On the post:
- 1st section: THEME (Society, Culture, Politics, Religion, Gender, Economy, History, ...)
- 2nd section: HAIR STYLE (cut, color, texture, lost, ...)
- 3rd section: KIND OF DOCUMENT (book, film, documentary, song, visual art, jewellery, ...)
- 4th section: GEOGRAPHY or Community

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(Doc = kind of document / Geo: country, community / HS = Hair Style / TH = Theme)


The first section of tags related to each post is linked to the theme(s) the post is speaking about:

#SOCIETY: what is acceptable or not according to different societies, what are the meanings of different hair styles within different societies

#CULTURE: each culture and subculture has its own hair code

#POLITICS:  wearing a certain type of hair style can be a political act, as it was the case for the Afro in the ‘70 in the US, during the struggle for civil rights; it is still the case, for example, in Iran for men wearing long hair.

#RELIGION: most religions have specific considerations regarding hair style (sub-Tags: Rastafarian, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Boudhist, Sick,…)

#GENDER: hair cuts are often specific to each gender, depending on society's norms 

#ECONOMY: the hair trade is a global trade: hair products, natural and artificial extensions and wigs, hair cut, in every society we spend a lot of time and money for taking care of our hair

#HISTORY: within the same society certain hair styles and their meaning can change over time

#SYMBOLISMdepending on society and culture, hair, hair styles or the loss of hair can symbolise different things: HAIRmemory, love, power - HAIR CUT: transition from one status to another (marriage, entry into religion, puberty, death …), femininity-masculinity, sensuality - LOSS or SHAVING of HAIR: violence (slavery, collaboration, concentration camps, …), sickness, ...


The second section of tags speaks about specific hair cuts or hair styles:

- HAIR STYLE: #Natural, #Dreadlock, #Perm, …

- HAIR ADD: #Wig, #Extension (natural or synthetic), …

- HAIR COLOR: #White or Grey Hair, #Black, #Red, #Blonde, #Brown, #Dyed Hair, …

- HAIR TEXTURE: #Curly, #Kinky, #Straight, …

- HAIR SIZE: #Long, #Short

- HAIR LOSS: #HairLoss, #Bald

Please note: The Girl and the Magpie is not a real hair specialist, nor is she an anthropologist, sociologist or hairdresser. Don't hesitate to contact us regarding any comment or suggestion concerning the tags.