This Blog

This blog brings together all the material collected by The Girl and the Magpie linked to the THEME OF HAIR. She uses this material for her Hair Project: information, documents, art works and references, tagged according to theme (sociology, economy, religion, gender, politics, history, culture, symbolism,… ), according to specific hairstyles, according to the kind of documents (films, documentaries, books, music, other artistic works using hair), and according to geographical areas.

The Girl and the Magpie?

The Girl and the Magpie is a brand of original jewellery, consisting of unique pieces or very small series. Each jewel is entirely handmade, currently in Jamaica, combining traditional and contemporary jewellery techniques, and marrying natural materials to brass (mostly).

On top of her regular jewellery collections, the artist behind The Girl and the Magpie creates wearable sculptures, which are presented during exhibitions or as part of multidisciplinary performances (Kingston on the Edge Festival (2014 & 2016) / New Roots Exhibition (National Gallery of Jamaica - 2013) / Jamaica Biennial (2014 & 2017)).