Hair Story: #BlackIsBeauty #NaturalIsBeauty

I always hated my natural hair and struggled with insecurities. What made it worse was my dark skin… I processed my hair thinking that it would make me feel better but it only caused me hate what I’d become. I started to feed myself with black beautiful women, So I would feel the same. Now I’ve been natural for 2 years and I love it. It has made me a beautiful young lady and I profess it in my art pieces. Now I am an African Queen, using my natural hair as a symbol of natural beauty. People ever compliment me on the fact that I am natural and how I haven’t adjusted my skin tone. #BlackIsBeauty #NaturalIsBeauty

K., 16, Female, Jamaica 
#NaturalHair #HeritageAfrica
#BlackIsBeauty #NaturalIsBeauty