Hair Story by Courtney: It took a while for people to accept it

When I was about 13 I had my naturally kinky hair straightened to make it easier for me to manage on my own. At about 16 I decided to grow my hair out and cut off my processed hair. This process taught me to be strong in my choices and my standards of beauty for myself because I got comments from so many people, young and old, about why it would be a bad idea to transition back to my natural hair. After I cut off all the straight hair it took a while for people to accept it, but I learnt that if you act like something belongs for long enough, people will either start to believe it belongs too, or get lazy trying to convince you that it doesn’t. My fro feels like a part of me now.

Courntey, 21, Female, Jamaica
#SocialPressure #Resistance #Patience #Confidence
#NaturalHair #Afro