Hair Story by Laila

My hair is “mixed-race hair”. My parents are both mixed (black & white) and so are my grand parents. 
I have been asked many times “do you straighten the back?” because my hair is two different textures. The front is wavy and more curly/coiled and the back is straighter and curly. It is brown with blonde highlights, and last summer I dyed it pink. This summer, I want to dye it violet/blue, or just bleach it. For 6th form, I’m going to cut it to my shoulders. People have told me not to cut it, and that I look like a lion when it is out, but it will grow back. I love my hair, and I am very proud of it. One day, I might shave it, or get an undercut. But not today.

Laila, 16, Female, Jamaica