Hair Story by Nicole: be careful not to let the pendulum swing the other way

I've had long hair and short hair, natural and processed, coloured and not  
coloured. Right now my hair is relaxed and that's the way I like it... for  
now. I don't believe there's just one hairstyle per person. Natural hair is  
fashionable now... again.... and that's great. But sometimes I feel judged  
because I've chosen to go against what's in vogue now and relax my hair. I  
think that the reason a lot of women are choosing to go natural is because  
they don't want society to dictate to them what's acceptable. But at the  
same time, we should be careful not to let the pendulum swing the other  
way. We should all be free to choose what we prefer and if that's to  
process your own hair, then so be it.

Nicole, ?, Female, Jamaica
#NaturalHair #Relaxer