Hair Story by Pauline: “Welcome Empress”!

In my heart as long as I can remember I was a Rastafarian…. but was not allowed to practice then as my family look down on Rastas. 
I went to UK at the young age of 14. Always know I would locks. Again me working environment look down on Rastas. However I reach the wonderful age of 40 and though enough was enough, took out my long weave, started my locks, but was so afraid to venture out, how was I going to explain my short little twist to my White colleagues at work. 
After 2 days, I venture out and the 1st Man I met was a Rasta and his 1st word was “Welcome Empress”. I have not look back since…. love me and my HAIR for once!!

Pauline, 57, Female, UK
#Dreadlocks #Religion