Hair Story by Rebekha

I am the Ethiopian-American woman. I  
had in mind to tell you about Ethiopian hair practices, but here's what  
came out instead. As a mixed-heritage person, my hair is also mixed. A lot  
of hairstylists don't know what to do with it. One thing I have found,  
though, is people are not shy to comment about my hair.

Things that people have said about my hair (an abbreviated report):

"You have beautiful hair, don't cut it."
"Is your hair naturally like that?"
"What do you do to your hair?"
"I can fix your hair."
"Let me brush your hair."
"Stay still."
"When you wear your hair down, it makes your face look too thin."
"I don't think I've ever seen your hair down before."
"It's poufy."
"You have nice hair."
"Try coconut oil."
"Try relaxer."
"Very thick."
"Who did your hair?"
"Does that hurt?" (Yes, yes it does)
"It will shrink and curl up."
"Your hair is very long."
"Did you cut your hair again? It looks short."
"I liked your hair better before."
"Your frizz is sticking out again like sun rays."
"Wow. Your hair really IS curly."
"You have straight hair."
"That will not work with your hair."
"See? Now it looks beautiful."
"Don't wash it for at least three days after this."
"This will make your hair smooth."
"Women only cut their hair short when there is something wrong."
"Why did you cut your hair?"

Rebekah, 30's, female, Ethiopia-US, Jamaica
#MixedHeritage #Comments