Hair Story from Lee-Kim

I guess the outside world notices my hair more than I do… the big bet outta road is « watch, yuh nuh know har, shi soon cut dat off, or duh some odda ‘madness’ to it ». To the outside world, mi a mash/pwail up mi good hair, when others a struggle with them god-given dna. When all I do is journal my explorations of beingness through my body, of which my hair is a part. From learning the symbolism of colors, to trying on the stereotypes of gender identity and confusing the borders of sexuality, sporting fads blindly/mindlessly, feeding a need of belonging, to dressing on the rebellious spirit of my ancestry and running from and returning to roots… my hair walk is one that can never be stagnant because the only constant in my life journey is change and ‘mi body mek fi express such experience’ and mi hair is holistically part of this lab experiment wi call life.  
Lee-Kim, Jamaica
#Identity #Gender #Culture #Lab