Hair Story by Lorna

I never realized how much of a thing one's hair is. I loved having a lot of hair & kept it as long as it would grow. It was even longer when it was processed, but I eventually decided to cut it off & go natural because of concerns about the chemicals used to straighten. This was a major step that  did not come easy. I had it cut at a new salon that I had gone to have my  hair styled for a wedding. I went back home without my hair, but it was  quite interesting for a while. It was easy; one could wake up & go almost; it was so short it would not look uncombed. I soon missed my hair & after a long while managed to grow it back, but it was hard to manage, but I'm learning. Mistakes were many & I have bags of hair at home as testament to my abuse & improper treatment which resulted in gobs of hair being combed out. I'm not sure why I have a fear of throwing away my hair. On occasion I  have burnt it but I continue to keep it when I lose a fair bit.  
Surprisingly it does not look thin & it has grown longer than before. I have two long plaits today & of course some people will ask if it is my hair. It irritates me at times but I have become more open & will share my  thoughts on black hair which grows like any other & will flourish if treated well.

Lorna, Female, mid-50', Jamaica

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