History of Hairs

Qing Dynasty - China - 1644-1911
Venus of Willendorf 
found in Austria - 25,000 years B.C.

Website about Hair in the History, beginning in the Prehistory until now, in Western world (check Old Age to see about Egypt, China, India, Middle East with interesting documents, sometimes until now - obvious lacke of information about Africa, South America, Australia). Production by an hairdresser, Gustavo Briand - Research by Pablo Briand (US) - sources mentioned.

Louise Brooks - US - 20e
It include too a History of the Barbers, technical informations about hair and a MYTHOLOGY part with this different stories:
The Norse Goddess Sif (Norse Mythology)
Medusa (Roman Mythology)
Samson (Hebrew and Christian)
Rapunzel (Brothers Grimm fairy - Germany 19s)