I-D: 13 New York Creatives tell their unique Hair Stories

(…) Over the years, I've experimented with so many looks (including wigs) and it's felt like a social experiment on how people experience me based on my hair. It's truly incredible how freely people provide their feedback and how diversely I've been perceived.
Depending on where you are in the world and the social climate, the importance and value of hair shifts. Some people assume I have cancer, others think I'm a rebel. The most difficult aspect of the condition is not being in control. I didn't ask to be part of this conversation but I'm so thankful for the lessons it has a provided me. I've found the more I love and respect myself as I am, the more capable I am of pouring out love on everyone around me. I'm reminded daily of how fragile our condition is and it simply makes me smile. All we have is now.
Anna Grace, 27, Female, Cape Cod (Massachusetts)

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