Dreadlocks: they are universal!

The Girl and the Magpie, Charlotte's dreads, 2016

Existing from antiquity, worn everywhere in the world ever since, often by religious movements: they are universal!

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The first traces of dreadlocks come from ancient Egypt where the royal family and high political dignitaries wore them either in the natural or wig. Very present in African culture as early as 2000 BC, they are also found in the Indian culture worn by the god Shiva, in Mexico raised by the Aztecs from the 14th century BC, but also by the Germanic, Greek, The Celts ... a universal hairstyle! These capillary stalactites have often had a religious connotation: the Nazarites of Judaism, the sadhu of Hinduism, the Dervishes and the Coptic monks of Christianity have borne them. The Bible makes regular
references to dreadlocks, especially by John the Baptist and especially by Samson who wore seven and lost his legendary force when cut. The locks gained popularity in the 80s with reggae and its ambassador Bob Marley. Since then, the wearing of dreads often has political significance, symbolizing individualism of rebellion against traditional limitations. Today, cybergoth and kawai movements use synthetic and colored locks as apparat. 

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